Our missions

Carrying the voice of public hospitals in the field of research.


Building and Ensuring
A Common Positionning

The first aim of the CNCR, public structure created in 2005, is to build and ensure a common positioning of the French public hospitals on research and medical innovation stakes. The CNCR has become a keyplayer in the field of biologic, medical and health research, as it is identified as a privileged interlocutor of research organizations, the Aviesan Alliance, Public Ministries and the health industry.

The National Committee for Research and Innovation carries the voice of teaching, general and psychiatric hospitals* in the field of clinical research since 2005. The CNCR represents and federates its members around the development of their research activities.

In December 2020, the CNCR counted the 32 French teaching hospitals and 35 general and psychiatric hospitals as members. It gathers, with the support of the French Hospital Federation (FHF) many representatives of Hospitals and Universities Managers through their organizations.


A team of experts to assist the members in their missions

The CNCR is presided since June 2020 by Professor Didier Samuel, Dean of the Medical faculty of Paris Saclay University, Head of Hepatology unit and Hepatic IC unit at Paul Brousse AP-HP Hospital. Since 2005, he manages the Inserm-Paris Saclay research unit 1193 in physio-pathogenesis and liver diseases treatments.

Marie Lang, Head of the CNCR, Hospital Director, assists him in his mission and on the administrative and financial matters, with the help of the deputy director. The operative team is split in 4 operational units: Bibliometrics, Health Industry, Legal Affairs and Europe, which are transversally supported by the Communication manager.

The offices are located in Paris.

Representing and coordinating research activity of its members: the CNCR in action

The operational team deploys strategic actions to meet the members expectations:

  • Maintaining discussion with public authorities and the research keyplayers;
  • Representing the hospital research thanks to its participation to different committees and workshops;
  • Publishing bibliometrics analysis of the French scientific production, in order to have visibility on its positioning in Europe and worldwide;
  • A strong partnership policy with a main focus on excellence and commitment to professional networks;
  • Legal intelligence and lobbying activity in consistency with the agenda;
  • Providing technical legal assistance to members;
  • Supporting the members in their efforts to participate in the European research programs such as Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe.

Our publications

Promoting Common Resources
Datas And Tools

What's France's Place In Terms Of Cancer Research? - 2021.

Global report
English version

As cancer is the 1st cause of death for men and 2nd for women in France, the COVID pandemics reminds us the importance of medical research in the health autonomy of a nation. The common analysis lead by the CNCR and FHF Cancer, displays also 25 thematics studies focused on organs. The evaluation of research in cancerology shows both quantitative and quality excellence, regarding clinical trials and scientific reviews.

English version

Cancer is responsible for about 160 000 deaths per year in France. Research lead today in Public hospitals guarantees the medical progress of tomorrow and the improvement and quality of future cares.

Publications Output of the 32 French Teaching Hospitals - 2017

English version

Overview of the key datas of French Teaching hospitals (CHU's) regarding their research activities. It positions the hospitals on national and international levels and allows us to evaluate its impact.